Our Projects

  • Supplying Beekeeping Equipment

    • We make top bar hives in our own workshop from locally grown timbers selected because they are preferred by honey bees. For prices and availability contact: ridechange@mail.com.

    • With our partner ‘Grace’s Shop’ we supply gloves, suits, smokers and hive tools at the best prices.

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  • Provide Beekeeping Project Management Services

    • We are the local project delivery partner for the UK charity Bees Abroad.  Click here for some success stories. Or here for the Bees Abroad website ----------->

    • We successfully delivered a beekeeping project for USAid.

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  • Act as Beekeeping Consultants, working for international development charities advising on beekeeping projects. Our clients include the Obakki Foundation of Canada and Amigos Worldwide of the UK.

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  • Trade in Honey

    • We buy honey in bulk  at fair prices.

    • We supply high quality organic honey to retailers in the Kasese Region.

"Daniel did an incredible job and I would love to continue working with him. He was energetic, lively, engaging and super knowledgeable"Treana Peake, Founder, Obakki Foundation, Vancouver, Canada

"Our relationship with the LIDEFO beekeeping team has grown and flourished since it began 2012. Trustworthy and reliable they are at the core of Bees Abroad’s projects in Uganda"Richard Ridler, Chair of Trustees, Bees Abroad, UK