Meet our Team

  1. Director

  2. Chairperson

  3. Vice-chairperson

  4. Secretary

  5. Treasurer

  6. Finance officer

  7. Field officer

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Director- Daniel Muhindo Ngangasi II

The Managing Director, is responsible for the continuing success of the organisation’s operations by implementing business strategies and fostering business relationships. His duties include maintaining frequent communications with Organisation Executives and Board Members, reviewing operational data and financial statements to track the progress of business initiatives and hiring employees and to guide employees in areas like accounting, sales, marketing or HR.

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Chairperson- Rev. Solomon Badaki

The chairperson provides leadership to the Executive Board which sets policies and also chairs meetings of, and leads, the Executive Board in strategic planning and management.

​Also plays a leading role in Resource Mobilization and provides guidance and support regarding the performance of the Heads of Departments. The chairperson also ensures that the annual evaluation of staff and programmes is conducted and represents LIDEFO, as a chief spokesperson, to the broader community.

Presides over and conducts all meetings of LIDEFO under his jurisdiction.

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Vice-chairperson- Jolly Biira Nuwagaba

Deputize the chairperson and assume the functions of the chairperson in his or her absence and also chairs the Human Resource Committee of the Board.

They also represent LIDEFO to the broader community on delegation and or assignments and the Executive Board can apportion certain specific responsibilities to the vice-chairperson.

Secretary- Mbusa Moses

Records minutes for all meetings of the organisation including the Annual General Meeting and Executive Board, all appointments made by the board, the names of directors and members present at any LIDEFO meeting.​


Collect and record all reports and petitions and execute all writings compatible with the office of the secretary as may be directed by the Executive Board, whilst also being a co-signatory to any of LIDEFO's documents and accounts. 

Is the principal officer in charge of the records of LIDEFO.

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Treasurer- Grace Muhindo (co-founder of LIDEFO)

The treasurer shall be the Principal Signatory to all bank accounts of the organisation and handles all financial issues including signing cheques and other financial documents of LIDEFO. Also collects membership subscriptions and all other monies LIDEFO is entitled to. Keeps note of all accounts, accurately reflecting the financial standing of LIDEFO Uganda.​

​Consults with LIDEFO  staff to participate in the development of LIDEFO’s financial procedures and systems, ensuring the appropriate financial reports are made available to the Board;

Regularly present reports to the Board on key financial events, trends, concerns and assessment of LIDEFO’s fiscal health and potential auditors.

​​Acts as LIDEFO’s assets controller and keep an updated record of the assets, their deployment and use.

Required to prepare and present a financial report, budget and balance sheet to the Annual General Meeting, whilst also chairing the Finance and Administration Committee of the Board.

Finance Officer- Muhindo Jockim

The Finance Officer provides financial and administrative support to colleagues, clients and stakeholders of the organisation.

Financial officers is in charge of overseeing the financial transactions of the organisation; tasked with developing budgets, monitoring transactions, and preparing financial reports. Reporting to the Managing Director and supporting the management team in interpreting financial policies.

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Field Officer- Byongo Simon

The field officer assist with project implementation, under the supervision of the Project Officer, by working directly with local partners, beekeepers and stakeholders, the implementation of project activities and events in support of beekeeping fraternity in Uganda. The FO offers monitoring services and beekeeping skills required to ensure beekeepers’ and communities participate in and benefit from the project, and that best practices are consistently applied to continuously work toward improving and livelihoods at household level.

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