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About Us


Liberty Development Foundation (LIDEFO) is a social-economic empowerment business focused on providing a full-scale range of beekeeping services.


Since July 2002, we are living in the times of our mission by leading the transformation of the beekeeping industry through rural smallholder beekeepers across Uganda and later on East Africa. Business models, innovations & technological advances can bring about positive impact at grass-root level providing a “silver line” to complex social, economic & environmental issues associated with vicious cycles/syndromes at smallholder level and precisely LIDEFO is about sustainable development impact.

We are currently working with over 1,528 beekeepers living in rural and urban areas in Uganda through our individual and group beekeepers scheme and are working towards strengthening this system through extension support network linked to our Honey shop (Grace’s Shop) for advancing linkages that address the challenge of poverty and hunger.



To promote a realistic, innovative environment offering skills training and education, beekeeping, micro enterprise development for enhancing positive transformation that increases household income, cross cultural integrity and respect.




“A Multi-skilled Society with Competence to Stir up Development”


 "Service Before Self"


  • We believe that People Working Together can achieve Positive & Lasting Change

  • We Value Partnership Based on Integrity & Respect

  • We Value the Innovation & Creativity Generated by shared Skills

  • We Value Transparency & Accountability

  • We Value Commitment to Teaching &Transfer of concepts

  • We Believe that Everyone Must Be Able to Exercise their fundamental human Rights.